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"Windows to Russia" is going on vacation!

Hello, we are going on three weeks vacation! Today we’ll show you this wonderful cartoon: “Bonifacy’s Vacation“, 1965. Who knows maybe if you watch this video you realize that vacation is important for you too! This cartoon has subtitles, they are barely readable because the author did not want to ruin this beautiful cartoon…
Part 1

Part 2

We don’t tell “Good Bye” we tell “See you late”!
We will be back and we remember You!
Best wishes and take care,
“Windows to Russia”
Svet and Kyle Keeton

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Russia: Stars await…

Yuri Gagarin was one of the most charismatic person. He was the first person in the space and the first to orbit the Earth. The 27th of March 2008 40 years since his death. We wont watch a movie about his first flight around the Earth, we wont watch a video about his returning to the Earth (We’ll watch it at 12th of April – The Day of First Flight of Humans in the Space.) Today we just want to show you a small documentary from New Year transmission, 1965-1966: “The Little Blue Light with Cosmonauts”. Here is an old beautiful song and a popular in 1960-70 singer Larisa Mondrus and Yuri Gagarin who was taking a home video and just people of that time what is already far far away from all us.

And like always we tried to translate this song for you:
Stars are waiting for us!
Elga Igenberg – Ya. Osmanis

Friend, look to the sky —
Stars shine there.
Brightly lit.
As if they name is Dawn.
Friend, look to the sky —
No obstacles for the dream —
Like rays of the star night
They burn.

And we believe friend,
Destined fate
To fly over the Blue Planet.
Then we carry the song of happiness with us
To the any star.

Stars await…
Stars await…
Stars are waiting …

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Moscow and St.Petersburg video!

Do you want to watch a beautiful slide show of Moscow and St.Petersburg? Today we’ll watch such! Just want to tell that the slide show has a beautiful music by Victor Zinchuk (“The Gold Guitar of Russia”). First part of video is beautiful pictures of Moscow the second part shows us beautiful St.Petersburg!

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Russia: A boat trip!

That is a very nostalgic video for me! This video is about boat trip! My God, we were the same 20 years ago and we sang the same songs near the fire and in the train! Enjoy: That looks like a piece of my youth! I really found this video in Internet someone made this slide-show about their boat trip in 2007. It’s great to know that people still travel this way!

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Russia: Open window!

“Open window”(Открытое окно) is name of a Soviet cartoon, 1985. We will watch it with English subtitles.

Everything in this cartoon is simply beautiful! From the storyline to the drawings themselves, to the incredible music which creates an amazing atmosphere of complete immersion into its world. It’s absolutely fantastic!

Find time to watch it with your kids!

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Russian Easter!

Today we want to say: Happy Easter! for all our readers who is celebrating Easter today! This year Easter in Russia will be at 27 of April 2008. But today we want to show you a last year video of Sunrise Service in Church of St.Tatiana in Moscow State University.

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