Russian Polar Bear Patrol!

We always like to publish video about people who tries to improve the world. This video is definitely about such people!

The “Polar Bear Patrol” is a project involving people living on the arctic coast, polar bear researchers, and environmental organizations, including WWF. The main goal of the Patrol is to save unique arctic nature and ensure the harmonious coexistence of people and wildlife.

Since autumn 2007 four Polar Bear Patrol teams work on the arctic coast of Chukotka and Yakutia in north-east Russia.

One of the main objectives of the Patrol is to manage the increased number of polar bears that are coming ashore as a result of declining sea ice. A very large number of walrus are also coming ashore and as a result many are dying in stampedes. The Patrol are trying to manage the situation by moving walrus carsuses up shore for the polar bears to feed on and thereby discourage the bears from entering the villages.

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