Alexander Petrov – animation artist comments the process of creating his movies!


I can not help myself, just feel that this video must be published and must be published now! Alexander Petrov – Russian animator tells and shows how he works on his movies! Sorry that is in Russian but it’s so interesting to watch! Alexander Petrov comments on his creative work, where he applies transparent oil paints with his palms and fingers on the highlighted glass. Using erasers, brushes and other instruments he works over small details. This magnificent technique allows him to create such vivid pictures. He says that he recalls his specific inspiration and mood while looking at still images during playback… He also told that he always has prototypes (alive people) for characters of his movies. He usually knows them very well and has a lot of pictures and videos of them not forget how them, their style of moving etc. Sometimes he even needs to make a models of objects what he is going to draw (like fish and boat for the movie “The Old Man and The Sea”).

Part 1

Part 2

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2 thoughts on “Alexander Petrov – animation artist comments the process of creating his movies!

  1. michael

    amazing, I have a Russian girlfriend who has introduced me to Petrov…this artist touches me…I am from the US and my favorite story from childhood is “The Old Man….” when I see the animation, which is incredible and the music, the emotion is overwhelming, because of the beauty and it reminds me of my love in Russia…I also love to fish and respect the life of the fish as well as my new found friends in Russia…thanks for the site…

  2. Richard

    I was in Rostov Yaroslavl monastery last month and there was an exhibition on his work. I have limited Russian but I was astounded at what I saw of his work. His book and work was on sale at the museum – but it was closed when we went there! How frustrating!
    Can anyone help me to get a copy of his book and his movie “My Love” (in the original Russian, no problem)?
    I’ve gone back to Australia, but I would appreciate anyone who can help me order from overseas.
    Thank you.


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