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Alexander Petrov – animation artist comments the process of creating his movies!


I can not help myself, just feel that this video must be published and must be published now! Alexander Petrov – Russian animator tells and shows how he works on his movies! Sorry that is in Russian but it’s so interesting to watch! Alexander Petrov comments on his creative work, where he applies transparent oil paints with his palms and fingers on the highlighted glass. Using erasers, brushes and other instruments he works over small details. This magnificent technique allows him to create such vivid pictures. He says that he recalls his specific inspiration and mood while looking at still images during playback… He also told that he always has prototypes (alive people) for characters of his movies. He usually knows them very well and has a lot of pictures and videos of them not forget how them, their style of moving etc. Sometimes he even needs to make a models of objects what he is going to draw (like fish and boat for the movie “The Old Man and The Sea”).

Part 1

Part 2

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Alexander Petrov: Oscar-winning director reveals secrets of his art!


Yesterday, we watch a really very good animation movie My Love by Alexander Petrov what recently has won an Oscar. Today we’ll publish a documentary video: “Watching the films of Russian Oscar-winning animation director Aleksandr Petrov, you don’t think about the techniques he uses. But after leaving the cinema you can’t help asking yourself how he manages to create such fresh and beautiful images. An exhibition at Moscow’s Nashchokin House Gallery reveals the secrets of his methods.” (That’s how they describe what this documentary is about). We watched it with interest! Hope you too!

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Russian Animation Got Oscar! My Love by Alexander Petrov!


Alexander Petrov is one of the best contemporary animators. His animation movies were nominated for Oscar and got awards many times. Now his new animation movie: My Love, (after Ivan Shmelev) got Oscar. Let’s watch the cartoon together! It has some English subtitles.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

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Russian Video: Waltz In The Sky! (SU-30 MKI)


Today we continue our aerobatic series and watch a very beautiful aerobatic video: Waltz in the Sky! We just love this video! Hope you enjoy it too. Technical information about SU-30 MKI you can find here.

Pilot: Viacheslav Averianov
(Вячеслав Юрьевич Аверьянов)
Video from “World Stars of Aviasalons in MAKS2007” produced by Wings of Russia Studio.

If you like this video maybe you would like to see another aerobatic video and video of Aircraft Parade on Red Square in Moscow 9th of May 2005 what we already published.

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Russian Souvenir: The Red Sarafan!


Today we’ll watch just a very beautiful video! Beautiful background with paintings of Isaak Levitan, Edgar Degas, Nicolaes Maes and Philipp Lyavin, besides pictures from Russian folk art objects. And the movie comes with a very beautiful famous song: The Red Sarafan by Red Army Choir.

For our readers who wants to know more.

The Red Sarafan is a composition by Nikolaj Grigorjewitsch Ziganof(1797-1831) and Alexander Warlamoff(1801-1848), a moving Russian song. What is this song about? Daughter asks her mother don’t sew red sarafan for her and don’t make her get married because she likes her free life, she likes to play and dance. And her mother responses to her by words: Youth will go away soon and nobody will need you then. But if you get married that does not mean the end of your life you still can be happy to remember your youth and look at your children!

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