A New Love Story From Russian Orthodox Church!


Really this story is not new – it happened in 13th century… But it’s really a story of love! Russian Orthodox Church knows this story since 16th century. And now Russian authorities are to introduce a new date in the country’s calendar – the Day of Married Love and Family Happiness!

The event will be first celebrated on July 8 this year, but will not be a public holiday. It is designed to coincide with the day of Saint Peter and Fevronia, the Orthodox patron saints for marriage and family life.

For readers who wants to read the story:

Legend says Prince Peter of Murom had fallen ill with leprosy – a disease nobody could cure. But he had a dream that a bee-keeper’s daughter called Fevronia would help him. She was beautiful, devout and knew herbal remedies. Peter vowed to marry her if she healed him. However, at first he didn’t keep his promise and the disease came back. Fevronia cured him again and they then got married.

The nobles didn’t want a princess of common origin and they told Peter to abandon her or leave Murom. He chose his wife and they settled together in the wilderness.

“Their love endured all things. The Prince chose to sacrifice everything he had for his beloved one – and she made sacrifices for him all her life. They died on the same day, the same hour. This shows where love is, there is also compassion and sacrifice,” says Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad.

Peter and Fevronia prayed that they’d be buried in the same coffin, but the church refused to do this and buried them separately. The next day a miracle was revealed – their bodies had been reunited. So the church had to recognise the power of Peter and Fevronia’s love and granted their last wish.

The holiday will now be celebrated nationally on July 8. Earlier many couples chose to get married on this day as they believed the saints would protect their families. This year at least 90 couples in Moscow have vowed to get married on July 8 in the hope that their love will never die.

Clergymen will hold services across the country and preach for strong family bonds. The estate of Tsaritsino is preparing to host newly-weds and all other lovers and, symbolising the day will be a daisy, simple but bright, the flower that’s believed to heal and comfort.[Russia Today]

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