St. Petersburg – The Scarlet Sails (Алые Паруса) 2008


Today we watch one of the most beautiful videos! This video is about a festival The Scarlet Sails (Алые Паруса) in St. Petersburg. This year it took place at the night of 20-21 of June 2008.

Now you know the best time and the best event to visit St. Petersburg!

For our readers who wants to know more:

This tradition began here after the end of WWII, when several Leningrad schools united to celebrate the ending of a school year in connection with symbolism of the popular children’s book “Scarlet sails” by Alexander Grin. At the first celebration a boat with scarlet sails was sailing along the English Embankment and the Admiralty Embankment towards the Winter Palace…

The Scarlet Sails show celebrating the end of school year 2007 was attended by more than one million people./span>

And for our readers who wants to know very much, who wants to know source of this festival we offer to read this fairy story “Crimson sails” by Alexander Grin, it’s translated here.

A good news for everybody we just published a Russian movie (1961) with English subtitles:
Russian Video: Scarlet Sails(movie) made by the Alexander Grin’s story!

Watch also Russian Video: Scarlet Sails – 2009!

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