Coldest Place on the Earth in Siberia!


Real summer came finally to Moscow. Today temperature was about 30C (86F) and forecast tels it will be like that or even 33C (91F) whole week long. That’s a bit too hot, really.

I don’t know why maybe because of this weather we had such a pleasure by watching this winter video about the coldest place on the Earth. The Pole of Cold is in Siberia, Russia.

This video made us smile. Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂

Best wishes and
be happy in any weather!

Svet and Kyle

comments always welcome.

One thought on “Coldest Place on the Earth in Siberia!

  1. richard wulff

    loved the video…we live in saskatchewan canada…and we know all
    about -40c with a brisk north-west wind!!
    would like to hear from you about how this winter is shaping up…


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