A Modern Russian Cartoon: The Dog Door (Собачья Дверца)!


Today we will watch a very good, beautiful and touching Russian modern cartoon The Dog Door (Собачья Дверца), 2007 production by Animos Studio. This cartoon has English subtitles.

We were really stunned by the cartoon! I think the more kids will grew up on such cartoons the better and kinder place the world become! And what do you think?

For our readers who wants to know more:
This cartoon based on the novel “Goodbye, Ravine” by Konstantin Sergiyenko (“До свидания, овраг!”, Константин Константинович Сергиенко (1979)).

We found even such description of this novel: “Can any other nation’s literature rival that of Russia when it comes to the density of its dog population?… Where else do we find so many instances of dogs invested with human-like powers of thought and feeling? Dogs which are not simply house pets, but friends, relatives and confidantes?”

Our Russian readers can read this novel here.

Best wishes for everybody,
Svet, Kyle and our dog Boza whom we found at gas station a year ago.

comments always welcome.

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