Oleg Popov – The Russian Sunshine Clown!


Today we watch a very beautiful and interesting video about the most famous and beloved Russian Clown – Oleg Popov (Олег Попов). In 1981 he won the Oscar of the clown world: The Golden Clown of Monte Carlo. This movie was made in 1988 in French language but I promise you’ll understand everything:

For our readers who wants to know more:

Now Oleg Popov is 77 years old he still works in the circus. He lives in Germany with his German wife he does not learn German language and has pretty lonely life… He loves Russia and is not going to change citizenship… But after Soviet Union collapsed that was a lot of unfair things happened for hole country and every citizen – a lot of good people had to leave because they could not watch the unfairness. Putin tries to change this. I hope that he will be successful (but that is another story…).

This video and this article I strongly recommend for our Russian readers. That is an interview with Oleg Popov made in Germany in 2008.

And for our readers we’ll translate wishes from Oleg Popov. We think that is very important:

Smile in the morning. Get up and smile in any weather and your life becomes more joyful. Have a good happy life and live longer!

Best wishes and
live longer!

Svet and Kyle
comments always welcome.

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