Russian Video: Worker and Farm Girl will rise again!


Today we watch a little bit of News Video from Russia… What is this video about? That is about rising one of the most famous statues of Soviet Uninon “Worker and Farm Girl“(1930) again. That’s very good news: after years of selfdestoying, forgetting and putting aside history of great country, Russia starts to restore not just monuments but people’s pride what was broken after faling Soviet Uninon. When I wathc this video about rising the sculpture I think about rising of Russia and we can see more and more signs of this and we write about it in our blogs.

Russia Today writes:

It was a Soviet icon from the 1930s, the celebrated ‘Worker and Farm Girl’ statue, which became the unmistakable logo of Russia’s major film studio Mosfilm. Moscow authorities promise the huge sculpture, dismantled in 2003, will be restored to its full glory.

The 24-metre-high work or art in stainless steel by Vera Mukhina triumphed when put on show for the first time at the 1937 World Fair in Paris. It became a symbol of the socialist dream for millions in the Soviet Union.

Best wishes and
just think if Russia can rise again maybe you can too? 😉

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