Russian Video: Green Carriage (Зеленая Карета)!


Today we continue listen to Russian Bard’s Song. Aleksander Sukhanov sings one of his most beautiful song “Green Carriage” (Зеленая Карета). We found a great video this song accompanies a cute cartoon:

What is this song about – that is a Lullaby Song! Lullaby song tells a fairy-tale that all pups and cubs, babies-hedgehogs and kids are sleeping. But high in the sky Green Carriage are running – six horses in the beautiful hats carry it… Nobody can run over the carriage because Spring is driving this carriage. And when all these little babies wake up in the morning they’ll see there is spring already!

That was the most favorite song in my hiking-youth! That was always the last song what we sang before going to bed… and later we sang this song to our kids – so beautiful it is!

Best wishes and find time to listen to songs what you loved in your childhood and youth,

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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