Russian Video: Knowledge Day in Russia!


The First of September is one of the nicest holidays in Russia “Knowledge Day”(День Знаний)! I think all Russians like this holiday day when the school year traditionally starts in Russia. Education always was a priority in Soviet Union and it’s still priority in contemporary Russia. Kids really like school and really miss school especially at the and of August! Grown and old people like this holiday too because they remember their happy days at school!

Today we will watch a couple small videos from Russian TV:

Feel the mood of the Holiday:

Education is a priority in Russia: Russian president Dmitry Medvedev came to a Krasnodar school and had a lesson of art with kids 🙂 :

Some facts of this school year:

This year 13 300 000 pupils go to school that is 400 000 less than last year cause of demographic hole.

To sell chips, soda, gum, and cookies with cream will be forbidden in school since this year – and we think that is a good idea.

In some schools they’ll try to have electronic journals where parents can find out grades of their kids through Internet.

Best wishes and we hope you remember the school years and smile – any case that is our youth!

Russian Video from Russia
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