Russian Video: Let's learn more about Ossetians!


We all were shocked by the genocide against South Ossetia! Windows to Russia published a lot of articles about this tragedy. Russian Video from Russia published some videos about it too. But Russian Video from Russia is not political blog we see our mission to get people know about Russia and Russian culture by showing to people videos what we like. [And be honest with you we don’t like videos about war, videos about grief – but sometimes we must publish them also – if they show reality of our life!].

Today Russian Hour published a very interesting transmission about Ossetian culture and roots. “A close look at Ossetia, it’s history, traditions and culture. Important viewing if you want to try to understand what is happening there.” (How they describe these interesting series of video).

For our readers who like this video – this pdf-document will remind you the “FIFTEEN QUINTESSENCES of OSSETNESS” by Alecia Jioeva, Nelli Pukhaeva

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