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Russian Video: Autumn Marathon (Movie by Georgi Daneliya)!


This weekend we are watching one more real classical movie on Russian Video from Russia. One more Soviet film what won a lot of International Festival’s awards. Autumn Marathon (Russian: Осенний марафон) what was made in 1979 by outstanding soviet movie director Georgi Daneliya, famous creator soviet sad comedies from Gergia.

Autumn Marathon” is a winner of 1979 Venice Film Festival, San Sebastian Film Festival and 1980 Berlin Film Festival awards in the best director and best actor categories.

Directed by Georgy DANELIA
Screenplay by Alexander VOLODIN
Director of Photography Sergei VRONSKY
Production Designers Levan SHENGELIA, Eleanor NEMCHEK
Music by Andrey PETROV

Oleg Basilashvili as Andrei Pavlovich Buzykin
Natalya Gundareva as Nina Buzygina, Andrei’s wife
Evgeni Leonov as Vasili Ignatyevich Kharitonov
Marina Neyolova as Alla
Nikolai Kryuchkov as Alla’s neighbor
Vladimir Grammatikov as Zhenya
Norbert Kuchinke as Mr. Hansen, professor from Denmark.
and others.

© MOSFILM, 1979.

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Russian Video from Russia

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Russian Video: Moscow Zoo 145 Anniversary !


Today Moscow Zoo has 145 anniversary!

The Moscow Zoo (Russian: Московский зоопарк) was founded in 1864 by a group of professor-biologists, K.F. Rulje, S.A. Usov and A.P. Bogdanov, from the Moscow State University. In 1919, the zoo was nationalized. In 1922, the ownership was transferred to the city of Moscow and has remained under Moscow’s control ever since.

When the Zoo was just opened it had 286 animals, now it has about 6000 animals of 1000 species (100 of them are in the Red Book).

Russian Video from Russia offers you today to relax and enjoy the walk in the Moscow Zoo!

Our readers who wants to visit the Moscow Zoo can find more useful information here.

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Russian Video from Russia

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Russian Video: Pirate's notes(Cartoon)!


Do you like cartoons? Do you like country side? And do you like smart doggies? I hope you answered positively all the three questions because on Russian Video from Russia we are watching a neat Russian cartoon: Pirate’s notes (Записки Пирата), 1989. Pirate is name of the smart dog and this cartoon – his dairy about his adventures in country side. It’s Very Good for Everybody:

The most popular quotations from this cartoon:

In the morning I was awakened by cries of the strange red feathered bird… (С утра был разбужен воплем безумной птицы… )

Drink… Drink you fool with whiskers… and don’t get to everyone’s way! (А ты пей, дурень усатый! И не путайся под ногами! )

Just think about it… He is also Pirate. But what difference in life! (Подумать только, тоже Пират, а какая разница в судьбах! )

You like cartoons like this?
Russian Video from Russia recommends:

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Russian Video from Russia

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Russian Video: Russia meets Maslenica!


This year Kyle’s already written a good article about Russian Maslenica (Maslenitsa). I would call his article encyclopaedia of Russian Maslenica. Yes, this week Maslenica came to Russia – a week – feast before Easter Lent. But before you go to read all about Maslenitca I want you to watch this beautiful video what shows you some Russian folk traditions for this season of year called Maslenitsa. It’s just made me smile:

Visit Kyle’s Russian Maslenitsa Encyclopaedia: From Russia: Maslenitsa Time of the Year!

Try pancakes if it is not Lent in your country – they are delicious!
Russian Video from Russia

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Russian Video: Odnozvuchno Gremit Kolokolchik!


Recently we all enjoyed Beautiful Russian Folk Song – Sung by The Kremlin Capella! on Russian Video from Russia. Readers ask us to tell more about this song. The name of this song is The Lonely Coach-Bell (Odnozvuchno gremit kolokolchik/Однозвучно гремит колокольчик). Today we are listening this song by Russian Red Army Choir and I promise you they sing greatly too:

Now it’s time to tell you a story of the song “The Lonely Coach-Bell” (Odnozvuchno gremit kolokolchik):
First of all I need to say that is Russian Road Romance [Coachman’s song/Ямщицкий романс] type of song. Such songs were extremely popular in Russia 20s – 30s years of XIX century. There were created so many Coachman’s songs that time. Some of them were sad, some were cheerful, some were dashing… Soon they started to named Coachman’s song (what Russian people loved) as Folk sons but all these songs had their authors and their story.

The story of this song is tragic: In Siberia in 1852 they found a dead body of coachman who got frozen during a long road. There was a notebook with handwriting poems in his bag. Name of the author of the poems Иван Макаров (Ivan Makarov) was not known during his life time. After a year since they were published the poems composer Александр Львович Гурилев (Alexander Gurilev) (1803 – 1858) wrote music for a poem what he liked the most. That was a start for the famous Russian romance “The Lonely Coach-Bell”. In three years another Russian composer К. Сидорович (K. Sidorovich) wrote his version of music for the poem and this romance has got a long life and all people love!

People who knows how to play music can look at this page for notes: Однозвучно гремит колокольчик.

Here we publish the poem and it translation in English:

Однозвучно гремит колокольчик

Однозвучно гремит колокольчик,
И дорога пылится слегка,
И уныло по ровному полю
Разливается песнь ямщика.

Столько грусти в той песне унылой,
Столько грусти в напеве родном,
Что в душе моей хладной, остылой
Разгорелося сердце огнем.

И припомнил я ночи иные
И родные поля, и леса,
И на очи, давно уж сухие,
Набежала, как искра, слеза.

Однозвучно гремит колокольчик,
И дорога пылится слегка.
И замолк мой ямщик, а дорога
Предо мной далека, далека…

The Lonely Coach-Bell

Oh, how lonely the coach bell is ringing,
And the dust from the road fills the air.
And the coachman’s sorrowful singing
Floats across the wild fields in despair.

That sad song overflows with such feeling,
So much grief can be heard in that strain,
That my cold heart, long hardened and weary
In my bosom was kindled again.

I recalled other nights, other wand’rings,
And the fields and the forests so dear,
And my eyes, which so long have been arid,
Became moistened like jewels with a tear.

Oh, how lonely the coach bell is ringing,
As it swings in the night to and fro.
And my coachman has now fallen silent,
And I still have a long way to go

Take a look to this CD – we were stunned how many great songs by Russian Red Army Choir it has!

Russian Video from Russia
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Russian Video: Caliph Stork (Калиф Аист)!


Today we are watching a cartoon made by one of most favorite fairy-tales of my childhood: Caliph Stork (Калиф Аист)! This cartoon was made in USSR in 1981 by director Valery Ugarov. Plot of this cartoon is a little bit different from original W.Hauff‘s tale. This cartoon is good for everybody: for kids, their parents and grand-parents!

By the way now you can subscribe to Russian Cartoons from Russian Video from Russia! Click here to subscribe!

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Russian Video: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (Movie)!


Some of our readers asked about an old soviet movie “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears“(Moskva slezan ne verit/Москва слезам не верит), 1979. So this weekend Russian Video from Russia shows this good movie.

The story is as old as Soviet Union (that’s still true for Russia and countries belong to Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). And I don’t know if it was true in Russian Empire before 1917). People from province always wanted to get in Moscow to find easier and better life and more possibilities. Life is not that easier for people who chose this way they have to prove that Moscow needs them, not just they need to live in Moscow. So three girls who came to Moscow were settled in the same room in a dormitory and became friends… Three girls – three different lives (the late 1950s to the late 1970s). I don’t think I should retell you this touching movie… Who’s main idea is “Moscow does not believe in tears – Moscow believes in love“.

Awards and recognition:

* Grand Prize at the IFF in Portugal, 1980.
* Oscar for Best Foreign Film, 1980.
* Saint-Michel Prize for best Actress (Vera Alentova) at the Brussels IFF, 1981.

US President Ronald Reagan watched the film several times prior to his meetings with the President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev, in order to gain a better understanding of the “Russian soul”.

Director: Vladimir Menshov.
Script: Valentin Chernykh.
Camera: Igor Slabnevich.
Music by: Sergei Nikitin.

Vera Alentova, Alexei Batalov, Irina Muravyova, Alexander Fatyushin, Raissa Ryazanova, Boris Smorchkov, Yuri Vassiliev, Natalya Vavilova, Oleg Tabakov, Yevghenia Khanayeva, Victor Uralsky, Zoya Fyodorova, Liya Akhedjakova, Valentina Ushakova, Innokenty Smoktunovsky.

© MOSFILM, 1979.

Russian Video from Russia
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Russian Video: Winter Activities in Moscow!


Winter is still here! And the weather is great. It’s snowing and the temperature is about -5..-7C (23..19,4F). Today we watch our favorite Martyn Andrews in video from Russia Today. He’ll show how Muscovites do there winter activities. Where in big megapolice you can find place to ski, skate, for snowboards and even mountain skis.

Martyn Andrews recommends you to visit snow Moscow,
we recommend you too, but if it’s impossible right now,
we recommend you to spend some quality time out maybe going in for winter sports!

It’s good for You!
Russian Video from Russia

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PS Now you can watch 24h Russian Today TV on Windows to Russia!

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