Russian Video: The Cow (Korova) A Cartoon by Alexander Petrov!


Recently, when we watched a beautiful video from Dolphin (Russian Video: Dolphin (Snow)!) when a man was panting on glass I remembered about Alexander Petrov (a movie director who makes his famous cartoons in paint-on-glass technique) and realized that we did not watch all his cartoons. So today we want to correct it and we will watch his another famous cartoon: “The cow”(Корова), made him in 1989 in his famous technique paint-on-glass. “The cow”(Korova) was nominee for Oscar in 1990. So let’s watch one more beautiful, sad and wise masterpiece by Aleksander Petrov:

For our readers who wants to know more about Alexander Petrov:

We recommend to watch this documentary (in Russian but you’ll see his technique and understand most of this movie) Alexander Petrov – animation artist comments the process of creating his movies!

or this short documentary in English Alexander Petrov: Oscar-winning director reveals secrets of his art!

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And you can watch “The Old Man And The Sea” in real good quality:

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