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Do you like cartoons? Do you like country side? And do you like smart doggies? I hope you answered positively all the three questions because on Russian Video from Russia we are watching a neat Russian cartoon: Pirate’s notes (Записки Пирата), 1989. Pirate is name of the smart dog and this cartoon – his dairy about his adventures in country side. It’s Very Good for Everybody:

The most popular quotations from this cartoon:

In the morning I was awakened by cries of the strange red feathered bird… (С утра был разбужен воплем безумной птицы… )

Drink… Drink you fool with whiskers… and don’t get to everyone’s way! (А ты пей, дурень усатый! И не путайся под ногами! )

Just think about it… He is also Pirate. But what difference in life! (Подумать только, тоже Пират, а какая разница в судьбах! )

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