Russian Video: Viy, or Spirit of Evil (Movie)!


Today is Saturday so on Russian Video from Russia we are watching a movie for the weekend. As we promised we will watch another movie made by Nikolai Gogol‘s story “Viy, or Spirit of Evil“.

Viy” (Russian: Вий, Ukrainian: Вій) is a horror short story by the Ukrainian-born Russian writer Nikolai Gogol, first published in the first volume of his collection of tales entitled Mirgorod (1835). The title refers to the name of a demonic entity central to the plot.

In 1967 the short story was adapted by Georgi Kropachyov and Konstantin Yershov into the film Viy.

Leonid Kuravlyov as Khoma Brutus
Natalya Varley as Pannochka
Aleksei Glazyrin as Sotnik
Nikolai Kutuzov as Witch (as N. Kutuzov)
Vadim Zakharchenko as Khaliava
Pyotr Vesklyarov as Rector / Dorosh (as P. Vesklyarov)
Vladimir Salnikov as Gorobetz (as V. Salnikov)
Dmitri Kapka as Overko (as D. Kapka)
Stepan Shkurat as Yavtukh (as S. Shkurat)
G. Sochevko as Stepan

© MOSFILM, 1967.

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