Russian Video: Poplars Cotton Season!


Kyle just published this picture:
In Moscow Russia we Have “Summer Snow” (The pukh season!) And I want to continue his story with a good video from Russia Today.

I just would like to correct Russia Today: Poplar’s cotton seeds are not allergen!

For our readers who wants to know more:

If we talk about allergenic trees, then we need to put birch, and alder, filbert, maple, ash on the first place. The poplar, which is accused to be allergen, really, does not cause allergies at all. It’s seeds could be irritating but not allergen!

Among urban trees the poplar is a leader in the purification of the air, as a kind of air janitor. According to the amount of absorbed carbon dioxide and oxygen produced, the poplar has no equal.

According to the forest industry: the poplar at the age of 25 years, from May to September absorbs 44 kg of carbon dioxide, while for the oak, this figure is 28, for the limes – 16, for Pine – 10, for ate – 6 kg.

The poplar satiates air ozone in the atmosphere by providing a large number of phytoncides and aromatic oils.

The poplar is a great doctor. It belongs to the category of immunotropic plants. Staying in the populus woods helps a person to develop immunity to infectious diseases. And sticky poplar’s leaves and fragrant spring buds have strong healing properties.

So let’s forgive irritation of poplar’s seeds – this is a great tree!

Russian Video from Russia
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