Russian Video: Tetris Inventor – Alexey Pajitnov!

Tetris – 25 Anniversary!

Have you ever thought that the famous game Tetris has it’s creator? Did you know that Tetris was invented in Russia (really Soviet Union)? Somehow I never thought about it, but liked this game a lot because I felt it as a challenge for me.

Today we will watch a video from Russia Today about of creator of TetrisAlexey Pajitnov.

Some links for our readers who wants to know more:

1) Teteris (an article in Wikipedia)
2) Alexey Pajitnov (an article in Wikipedia)
3) The Human Tetris: Russian TV show, 2007
“Стенка на стенку”

And what about you: Do you like to play Tetris?
Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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