Russian Video: The Queen of Spades (1916 film)!

The Queen of Spades (1916 film)

Today we are watching absolutely unique full length Russian movie with English subtitles! I was stunned when I found it. Can you believe that this movie was made in 1916!

Alexander Pushkin wrote the short story “The Queen of Spades” in 1834 and now when I watch the movie “The Queen of Spades” made in 1916 I just feel the time what Pushkin is telling about with all this characters and dresses and interiors of that time! This is incredible. If you are interested to study Russian culture you must see it!

Yes, we just watched the very movie “The Queen of Spades” (Wikipedia):

Directed by Yakov Protazanov
Written by Aleksandr Pushkin, Yakov Protazanov, Fyodor Otsep
Music by Rafal Rozmus
Cinematography Yevgeni Slavinsky


Hermann – Ivan Mozzhukhin
Lizaveta – Vera Orlova
The Countess as a young woman – Tamara Duvan
The Countess – Yelizaveta Shebueva
The Count St. Germain – Nikolai Panov
The Count – Pavel Pavlov

For our readers who wants to read English translation of the Alexander Pushkin‘s story The Queen of Spades:

Here is the link – THE QUEEN OF SPADES by Alexander Pushkin.

Russian Video from Russia
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One thought on “Russian Video: The Queen of Spades (1916 film)!

  1. Arnold

    There is an information about The Queen of Spades, that original music is composed by Rafał Rozmus. The information is correct, but the music added to the movie not (it’s not a music of Rafał Rozmus). The original music is composed for the orchestra.
    Best regards,


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