Russian Video: Russian Beautiful Folk Song "Spinner"!

Spinner (Russian Folk Song)

Today we are listening to one of the most beautiful Russian Folk Songs “Spinner” (Пряха. В низенькой светелке…) and watching one of the most beautiful videos.

Boris Shtokolov (1930-2005) one of the best Russian basses sings this beautiful song and beautiful paintings by Russian artist Konstantin Vasiliev (1942-1976) will accompany this song!

Russian Lyrics and English translation of the song Пряха (Spinner):

В низенькой светелке
Огонек горит,
Молодая пряха
У окна сидит.

Молода, красива,
Карие глаза,
По плечам развита
Русая коса.

Русая головка,
Думы без конца
Ты о чем мечтаешь,

In the lowish parlour
A light burns,
The young spinner
Sits under the window.

Young, beautiful,
Hazel eyes,
About her shoulders abounding
Honey tresses.

Honey head,
Thoughts without end…
What are you dreaming of,

English translation by Charles Prescott

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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