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Russian Video: Chukotka and Chukchi!

Today we are watching one of the most interesting videos about Chukotka.

Chukotka (Чуко́тка), is a federal subject of Russia (an autonomous okrug) located in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Chukchi is native nation of Chukotka. The word “Chukchi” means “rich in reindeer“. These people who live in the Russian Far East can’t imagine their life without the usual Chukchi routine: hunting, cooking, engraving beautiful pictures on walrus tusks and praying with their shaman.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Nevsy Express (train) derailed by 7 kilos of TNT!

Last night a famous train “Nevsky Express” derailed on its way from Moscow to St.Petersburg! The tragedy happened at 21:38. By now we know that 30 people died and 98 injured and 18 people remain unaccounted for…

Now we know that this deadly incident was cause by terrorist’s bomb. Here we publish several videos from first one to the latest:

Phone hotline:

A phone hotline for relatives and friends
of the passengers is now operating.
The numbers are:

in St. Peterburg
+7 812 457 4905 and
+7 812 436 8813,

in Moscow
+7 495 626 3707.

More information:
Windows to Russia (A Train in Russia Derails and at Least 25 have Died and 95 Injured!)
Russia Today continue the story
Pictures on RiaNovosti
Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Kurban-bayram (Feast of Sacrifice) in Russia!

Today Muslims all over the world celebrate the most signification holiday Eid al-Adha also called “Festival of Sacrifice” and we know it in Russia by name Kurban-bayram.

This holiday is dedicated to Ibrahim who was ready to sacrifice his son to obey God. When all was ready for sacrificing God allowed Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice an animal.

This holiday remind people to remember about sacrificing, sacrificing and help poor people..

In Russia we celebrate the holliday too. 8 regions even have this day (Friday) off for people to celebrate the Feast of Sacrifice.

Happy Kurban-bairam!

For our readers who want to know more about Kurban-bayram in Russia we publish an interesting documentary video: Kurban-bayram in Russia, 1945.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Teddy Bears in Russia!

I think everybody in the world love cute teddy bears and I’ll tell you what Russians just love teddy bears! (Being an author of blog about Blogger (in Russian) I met a lot of Russian bloggers who make teddy bears by themselves. They have very beautiful blogs with pictures of these beautiful soft toys the present them to each other, exchange and even sell them. Today we watch a short segment of Russian News they show for us an exhibition “Hello, Teddy”, what just started in Moscow.

By the way, we call Teddy Bear – Плюшевый медведь in Russian.

For our readers who wants to check come of Russian Teddy Bear’s blogs I’ll give a small list of such blogs:

Authors of these blogs are taking part in this Teddy Bear’s Exhibition “Hello, Teddy!” — they demonstrate their handmade Teddy Bears (Плюшевых мишек).

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Elephant and Pug (Cartoon)!

For people who likes old cartoons and for people who likes wise fables today we publish Elephant and Pug, a Soviet cartoon made in 1941.

Russian fable by Ivan Krylov and English translation:

По улицам Слона водили,
Как видно напоказ –
Известно, что Слоны в диковинку у нас –
Так за Слоном толпы зевак ходили.
Отколе ни возьмись, навстречу Моська им.
Увидевши Слона, ну на него метаться,
И лаять, и визжать, и рваться,
Ну, так и лезет в драку с ним.
“Соседка, перестань срамиться,-
Ей шавка говорит,- тебе ль с Слоном возиться?
Смотри, уж ты хрипишь, а он себе идет
И лаю твоего совсем не примечает”.-
“Эх, эх! – ей Моська отвечает,-
Вот то-то мне и духу придает,
Что я, совсем без драки,
Могу попасть в большие забияки.
Пускай же говорят собаки:
“Ай, Моська! знать она сильна,
Что лает на Слона!”
Along the streets Big Elephant was led,
To show him off, most likely.
Since Elephants are not a common thing to see
A crowd of gapers followed on his heels.
All of a sudden Pug springs up in front of them.
And seeing Elephant, it raises a great rumpus,
It lunges, barks and howls
And does its best to pick a quarrel.
“Hey neighbor, stop the fuss,”
A mutt intones, “You? Deal with Elephant?
Look at you barking yourself hoarse, and he just strolls
And doesn’t care one bit about your noise.”
“Ho ho!” Pug says,
“That’s just what I enjoy,
Since I can be a real tough guy
Without a single blow or bruise.
That way, the other dogs will say:
“To bark at Elephant this Pug
Must be a real strong mug!”

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Hackers Proved Data Manipulation on Global Warming!

This theme is very popular in Russian blogs now and Russia Today published a very good video:

“More than one thousand e-mails were taken from the University of East Anglia and anonymously posted on a computer server in Russia.

It’s claimed that these e-mails show scientists manipulated data to boost their argument that human behaviour is behind global warming…” (Russia Today article)

Former minister MP Peter Lilley joined RT to discuss the scandal dubbed Climategate: “Scientists would rather change the facts than their theories”:

For our readers who wants to know another point of view on theme of Global warming and the email hack we offer to read an article from (The CRU hack)

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Ivan Shishkin!

Today we are watching a beautiful slide show with paintings of outstanding Russian artist Ivan Shishkin (1832 – 1898).

«Shishkin – artist national. All life he studied Russian, mainly northern wood, Russian tree, Russian thicket. It is his empire, and here he has no the contenders, he unique»
(V. V. Stasov).

«If roads to us of a picture of a nature by ours dear and lovely Rus, if we want to find is true national ways to the image of its clear, silent and heart-felt shape, the ways these lay and through your resinous, complete silent poetry of a wood. The roots yours so deeply and firmly have grown in ground of native art, that them by anybody and never therefrom to pull out»
V. Vasnetsov (from the letter to Shishkin in 1896).

I hope you enjoy this slide show. Just remember to push Next button to see next picture.

This beautiful slide show I found in the excellent blog of our friend Chelita (The World is beautiful!) what I visit every day and strongly recommend you!

For our readers who wants to know more about Ivan Shishkin we found very interesting pages here.

Background music for this slide show is a beautiful old Russian romance(unknown poet, music by Bulahov, 1868): Shine, Shine, my Star (Гори, гори, моя Звезда).

Have a good day!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video from Russia: 500 Posts!


This post is very special for me because it’s our 500th post… That was so strange to realize that there are already 500 posts here in Russian Video from Russia.

Today I will not show you videos I’ll better tell you about the blog, about already published videos what I like the best and what the blog means for me.

This blog started as a branch of “Windows to Russia” blog – I just decided that it could be interesting to show Russia from inside and showing and discussing videos is the most interesting way for me. Some of the videos we were made by ourselves, some videos are from current Russian news (we subscribed on almost 100 channels), some videos we searched hard all over the Internet just to find and to show them to you. This blog is my (Svet) main project in Internet, it takes a lot of time but it’s very interesting! Kyle also takes part in this blog and our readers and me very appreciate it!

As you can see on the side bar of the blog we try to categorized our posts and videos and today I’ll tell you about the most significant categories.

1. Russian Cartoons. One of the most important categories in this blog (my opinion) is Cartoons. Here we publish old Soviet and new Russian cartoons most of them with English subtitles. Most of them are good for whole family (kids, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles for every one). These cartoons teach something very important in the life: friendship and kindness, make us to think and feel.

Some cartoons are more like animated films and made for grown up audience.

That is not easy to tell what 10 cartoons is the best from 62 already published but I’ll try:

1) Russian version of Vinni Puh. (You can read my article about Vinni Puh on Windows to Russia here Svet Sunday: Vinni Puh!)
2) Soviet cartoon: Little Devil N.13
3) Soviet cartoon: Umka (Oom-ka). Умка.
4) A girl and a dolphin: a Soviet cartoon.
5) Russia: Open window!
6)Soviet cartoon: Junior and Karlson & Soviet cartoon: Karlson Returns
7) Russian Video: Crocodile Gena (cartoon) & Russian Video: Cheburashka (cartoon)
8) A very touching cartoon Russian Video: Fairy Tale about Old Echo
9) And one more very touching cartoon: A Modern Russian Cartoon: The Dog Door (Собачья Дверца)!
10) Our adult readers must not miss cartoons by famous Alexander Petrov.

I feel that’s time to stop but here is so many good, very good and excellent cartoons… so look here Cartoons and choose your favorite cartoons by yourself.
2. Movie for the weekend – This rubric we started almost a year ago and already published 43 full-length Russian or Soviet movies with English subtitles. All these movies I keep on my computer at home so if you find a movie not available just tell us and I upload it again.

Here are just some of this movies:

1) Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson on Russian Video from Russia! – Vasily Livanov played the best Sherlock Holmes ever and we published all Russian TV-series about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson with English subtitles.

2) Russian Video: Russian Video: The Amphibian Man (Movie)!
3) Russian Video: New Year Tradition Movie (Ирония судьбы или С легким паром!)
4) Russian Video: Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears (Movie)
5) Russian Video: Gentlemen of Fortune (Movie)
6) Russian Video: The White Sun of the Desert (Movie)
7) Russian Video: Operation Y and Other Shurik’s Adventures (Movie)
8) Russian Video: Kidnapping Caucasian Style (Movie with English Subtitles)
9) Russian Video: Queen of the Gypsies (Film, 1975)
10) Russian Video: Mimino (Film)

Of course, that is just 10 movies – even not a quoter of what we already published so if your Internet allows you to watch movies online you are cordially welcome to watch all Russian and Soviet movies what could be interesting for you – Movies for weekend!

3. Places to visit
– is a collection of different videos about different places of Russia some of them are interesting documentaries from Russia Today, others are beautiful videos and slideshows from people who live in these places or traveled there. Moscow, St. Petersburg and Metro collection are part of this category.

4. Nature is one more category what we really love! That is one of categories what we like to make videos for. Our videos far from perfect but they were made with love and care so in this category I will recommend you several of ours videos:

1) Russian Video about Squirrels
2) Video of A Peaceful Russian Village
3) Russian Video: Russian Village by Eyes of Svet and Kyle
4) Spring mood in Moscow
5) Russian Sunny Mood Video
6) News from Russia: Video of cute ducklings
7) Russian Video: Walk with Boza!

Of course, we have a lot of the others really very interesting and unique videos in The Nature category. Please, visit it!

5. Memory – that is a serious category where we talk about sad things (such as World War II, Russia – Afghanistan War, Chernobyl Disaster… ) – things what we must remember to never allow them happen again!

6. Documentary – Do you think documentaries are boring? But they are not! Our the best videos marked as documentary videos. They are about unusual records and appears, unique people and strange customs – all is here, because that is documentary!

7. Musical videos – here we listen old and contemporary songs, watch shows and just get rest with good music!

Of course we have more rubrics here but we don’t have too much room to tell in details about each of them. Please explore them by yourself – you will never regret!

Best Wishes for All of You!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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