Russian Video: Ivan Shishkin!

Today we are watching a beautiful slide show with paintings of outstanding Russian artist Ivan Shishkin (1832 – 1898).

«Shishkin – artist national. All life he studied Russian, mainly northern wood, Russian tree, Russian thicket. It is his empire, and here he has no the contenders, he unique»
(V. V. Stasov).

«If roads to us of a picture of a nature by ours dear and lovely Rus, if we want to find is true national ways to the image of its clear, silent and heart-felt shape, the ways these lay and through your resinous, complete silent poetry of a wood. The roots yours so deeply and firmly have grown in ground of native art, that them by anybody and never therefrom to pull out»
V. Vasnetsov (from the letter to Shishkin in 1896).

I hope you enjoy this slide show. Just remember to push Next button to see next picture.

This beautiful slide show I found in the excellent blog of our friend Chelita (The World is beautiful!) what I visit every day and strongly recommend you!

For our readers who wants to know more about Ivan Shishkin we found very interesting pages here.

Background music for this slide show is a beautiful old Russian romance(unknown poet, music by Bulahov, 1868): Shine, Shine, my Star (Гори, гори, моя Звезда).

Have a good day!

Russian Video from Russia
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