Video from Yakutia: Track in the River!

Yakutia, Russia is serve country. And very interesting people live there. Today we are watching a funny video how a track crossing the river (it looks like submarine is going down…)

This video is made by Andrey Starovoytov an author of blog Adventure Yakutia in Pictures. Highly recommend for everybody who likes to see countries!

The picture is also from this wonderful blog!

Russian Video from Russia
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2 thoughts on “Video from Yakutia: Track in the River!

  1. Rubric

    Потрясающе!!! Неужели такое возможно без специальной подготовки грузовика?

  2. RB

    Где у этого грузовика мотор? В кузове, что ли? Или вообще blue tooth? :))))


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