Video: Kseniya Simonova Continues Her Famous Requiem.

Ksenia Simonova continues creating sand shows about World War II or how we call it here The Great Patriotic War. We are diffidently fans of her art so today we publish a new video of hers: “One more time about the War”.

The video Requiem you can watch here.

To read more about Kseniya Simonova and interview with her in English you can watch here.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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2 thoughts on “Video: Kseniya Simonova Continues Her Famous Requiem.

  1. Rubric

    Потрясающая девушка! Вся моя английская семья смотрела, затаив дыхание!

  2. Randolph Brown

    most powerfull performance!!! Please come to the USA you will be extreemly welcomed!!!
    I look forward to more of your wonderfull work


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