White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie with English subtitles)!

White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie)This weekend we are watching a touching Russian movie made in 1977 and directed by Stanislav Rostotsky: White Bim the Black Ear.

White Bim the Black Ear is a story of a white setter with black ear who one day became homeless because of hospitalization of his Daddy. During his homeless life Bim met a lot of different people some of them were kind to him and some of them were not…

Monument of White Bim the Black EarThere is a monument of White Bim the Black Ear in Russian city Voronezh.

And you can read inscription on his collar: “His name is Bim. He waits for his master. He knows his home well. Do not hurt him, people …”

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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10 thoughts on “White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie with English subtitles)!

  1. admin

    Кстати, по поводу strongly recommend – надо будет опять поставить гаджеты с Google Friend Connect, но все придется накапливать заново – Google Friend Connect, оказывается был привязан к Blogger’у, а не к адресу блога :(.

  2. Lada Ray

    Thank you for this! I cried for a long time after watching this movie. I am doing a post on my blog about White Bim next week. I’ll link up to your post. 🙂


  3. Rich Zahn

    Thanks for sharing this heart-warming movie. I’m sad that we couldn’t view this movie in the 70’s. Would have gone a long way in thawing relations between East and West.

  4. linda vanderstukken

    Oh what a treasure,you can’t believe what this meant for me…explaning a bit: saw this movie when i was 10 or 11 years and it struck me like lightning but not knowing exactly why as i was young to understand completely…years went by…when i was 21 i saw a dog in a jeep in our town and there was this stange unresistable urge to find a dog like this.One week later I found Apollo,an english setter,my best friend ever…he lived for 16 years,a true soulmate.two years afters apollo’s dead my mother tells me a memory,when i told her about the urge to find this kind of dog years ago…she told me that when i was about 3 or 4 years old, an english setter arrived at our house and he slept in the horsestable.when she told this, i suddenly recalled this dog jumping at this stable door.one moment you saw him then not and so on..but he ran away …and came back and ran away again..i cried my heart out for that.
    and today i recalled a movie with a dog that was stuck on the trainrails so i googled and googled and found and saw it was an english setter!!!…mindblowing movie, by heart is filled with sorrow as well as joy,profound thank you for uploading and weird as i’m 43 years now, how this beautiful sensible creature visiting me as a child,is a red love thread…

  5. Andronikos Papadopoulos

    Πολύ σπουδαία ταινία! Μνημείο πίστης, ευγνωμοσύνης και αγἀπης του κυνηγού προς τον τετράποδο σύντροφο και τού σκύλου προς τον άνθρωπο. Πολλά περιστατικά παρατηρήθηκαν στους ελληνικούς κυνηγότοπους τελευταία , που οι σύγχρονοι Bim παρέμεναν στο πλάϊ του δυστυχή νεκρού κυρίου τους, αποδεικνύοντας την αλήθεια της ιστορίας της ταινίας. Ευχαριστώ πολύ, τους δημιουργούς της ταινίας ,που από το 1979 ,που είδα την ταινία,με έπεισαν και έχω σήμερα στα 53 μου χρόνια πάντα κυνηγόσκυλα να με συντροφεύουν και να τα εμπιστεύομαι.

    Very great movie! Monument faith, gratitude and love of the hunter to the four-legged companion and dogs to humans. Many incidents occurred in Greek hunting lately, that modern Bim remained on the side of the unfortunate deceased owner, proving the truth of the history of film. Thank you, the creators of the film, in 1979, I saw the movie, and I was convinced today in the 53 years I always hounds me accompany them and trust.

  6. Rostov Gold

    What to say about such a beautiful and heartbreaking movie? It is someways a reflection of all our lives….Russian storytelling at its best…I love this movie so….

  7. Carrie Manos Melas

    I remember when we saw the film in a movie-house in Athens Greece, not one person had not shed a tear being moved, overwhelmed, by this film. There have been many books and films about the loyalty and love of dogs whether they are thoroughbred or mongrels- it doesn’t matter. Most animals respond with affection, gratitude and love to the people who have been kind to them. But the faithfulness, love, and endless gratefulness that a dog feels and shows to man is legendary eversince dog and man got together on Earth. Unfortunately dogs grow faster than humans, so we lose them. And it hurts immensely. And then – which is the best and wisest thing to do- we go and adopt another dog to love and be loved to cherish and be cherished, for the sake of the dog we lost. I thank God for having sent these angels to Earth, to us.


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