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Video: In memory of the Russian submarine Kursk crew.

Nobody knows exact reason what happened with Russian nuclear submarine Kursk at 12th April, 2000. But we know what did not happen then – the tragedy did not turn Barents sea to the next Chernobyl and that did not happen cause of bravery of Kursk submarine crew.

Thank you. We all will remember you!

Some versions about why Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank you can find in good documentary “The Sinking Of The Kursk“.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Documentary Video: Russian Nuclear Submarine Kursk Sank in the Barents Sea. August 12, 2000

Russia remembers the accident on board the nuclear submarine Kursk that happened exactly 10 years ago during the naval exercise left all 118 members of its crew, most of whom were under 30, dead.

On Russian Video from Russia we are watching a documentary movie “The Sinking Of The Kursk”.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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The Soviet Toy Store Carousel Lives…

Old Soviet Carousel...

Sveta and I went to a huge Mega Mall here in Moscow and we crossed over a gigantic walkway that led us to a new section of this mall. As we entered the new mall area our eyes were greeted with a wonderful sight.

The Old Soviet Toy Store Carousel Lives…

From Russia: The Ultimate Toy Store- With Carousel!

The link above will take you to a story about the demise of the toy store that housed this carousel. Sveta and I were very unhappy about this issue and wondered what happened to the carousel.

We wonder no more. The carousel lives…


Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Moscow in fire-smoke!

Today we had incredibly heavy day here in Moscow Russia. It was 36-37C very humid and terrible smoke all over Moscow an surroundings. I’ll show you a Greenpeace video about the day in Moscow “Moscow in fire-smoke“:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Russia in Fire July-August 2010!

There are more than 770 wildfires now in Russia, half of them started during the last 24 hours. There are more than 120 thousands hectares in fire, 5 thousand people were evacuated.

Today I’ll show you one homemade video of fire in the village Maslovka (Voronezh region). The operator don’t show you much – only fire, and buildings in fire. In Russia we don’t believe in taking picture and videos of people when they are in grief… you’ll see just a touch of it.

A video from one of Russian TV-Chanel “Zvezda”, more official, show you the disaster in more aspects.

Read more about the wild fires in Russia:

An emergency situation has been announced in 14 regions in Russia…
Many Russian People Have Lost Their Whole Existance : Fire Update…

Russian source:
Пожары в России… Господи, спаси нас грешных!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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