Russian Video: Village Life!

Russian Village LifeToday I want us to enjoy a beautiful video about village life in Russia. Find 7 minutes to watch the sideshow of old and new pictures about life in the villages all over the Soviet Union.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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3 thoughts on “Russian Video: Village Life!

  1. Lucy Woelbern

    the 7 minute Russian Village slide show was awesome. As you know, my mother was the only survivor in her family from the holodomir and she came from a Russian village (stanitsa). She was 11 when this occurred so I never knew anyone on her side of the family. I’m always trying to visualize the life she had lived and this was wonderful. Thank you, thank you!!! I can’t wait until you post of this year’s 2015 experiences in your Russian Village. If you have a chance to go to a stanitsa, maybe you could post some photos too please. I need to find my heritage and you are helping me in that endeavor. Have a good week big bear! L


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