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Russian Video: Happy Halloween from Russia!

Maybe Halloween is not Mega-Super popular in Russia. And Russian Orthodox Church fights this holiday every year…

But if you are from another part of world and want to find and celebrate Halloween here in Moscow, Russia. You will find a lot of nightclubs celebrating Halloween and the video from Russia Today with Martyn Andrews will help you.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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A Deep Basso Profundo: Soul of Russia…

In this short video you hear the wonderful sound of a Russian Orthodox Choir, with a Deep Basso Profundo. In the deep sounds of the male voices I feel the Depths of Russia, it’s Beauty and Strength, it’s Soul…

Just allow yourself to listen and accept the power of the Deep basso

Basso Profondo...

vocals. It describes Russia by sound not words. (Deep Basso Profundo is the deepest basso of a male voice that is possible.) Russia is best described by paintings, music, films and other forms of art. Because it comes from the soul…


Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: They sing songs in English in Moscow trains!

A few days ago I was stunned by watching a man who sang a song in English in a local Moscow train. Here you can see a little part of his performance.

Don’t let the video to fool you – not many people in the train could understand the words of the song – might be only Kyle and me but people gave him some money for his performance ;).

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Pirate-Party.Ru

Have you ever heard about Pirate Party in Russia. They want to legalize non-profit sharing of files in Internet.

Everybody who wants to read should have abilities to read free. Everybody who likes music should have ability to listen their favorite music on their pc for free and the same about movies.

I absolutely agree with this position

Russian Pirate Party:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Pirates go political: Russian file sharers catch up with Europe (