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Russian Video: Kurban-bayram in Russia (1945)!

Today Muslims all over the world celebrate the most signification holiday Eid al-Adha also called “Festival of Sacrifice” and we know it in Russia by name Kurban-bayram.

Last year we showed celebration of Kurban-bayram in modern Russia. This year I want to show you an old documentary from Kazan: Kurban-bayram in Russia, 1945.

Happy Kurban-bairam!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russia’s Mirage Battle Equipment…

What looks like a tank? What is the size of a tank? What fools ground radar and other equipment like a real tank? What is a hundred times cheaper than a real tank? What is…

What it is a inflatable tank and is probably one of the most realistic copies of a tank that is available on the earth. It has a purpose and that is to fool you into thinking it is really a tank…

Russia has inflatable tanks, missile launchers, and jets that all do there job very well. You would never know that they are no real and that is the purpose…

Inflatable armored equipment has been around since WWII and Russia has just modernized an old trick… 🙂

Russian Video From Russia!

Video: Vitas – Songs of My Mom!

Vitas is an unique Russian singer. If you’ve heard his songs you already love them. If you never heard Vitas’ magical voice today you have a great opportunity to watch and listen a full video from his concert “Songs of my Mom” (with English subtitles!)

Here is a list of the songs:

01 VITAS – Ave Maria
02 VITAS – Even the Stars Will Look Like Letters
03 VITAS – Someone’s Melancholy is Crying
04 VITAS – Smile!
05 VITAS – Streets of the Capital
06 VITAS – Opera # 1
07 VITAS – Soul
08 VITAS – The Star
09 VITAS – An Autumn Leaf
11 VITAS – We cannot be together
12 VITAS – Starry River
13 VITAS – Declaration of love / My God, How Much I Love

For our readers who wants to know more:

Vitas’ official site
Vitas official channel on YouTube

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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October Revolution – Achievements of the USSR!

Soviet Union - The Great October RevolutionYou want to know what the Soviet Union was about… My English is not that great enough to tell you about. But I found a good video for you all – Harpal Brar speaks about the Great October Revolution and what Soviet Union was about and believe me that is not propaganda – I lived there and then!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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