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Russian Video: Come to Russia, Bring your money!

Russia is named the second-best place in the world for investors seeking a tax break.

As the researchers discovered, investors in the Russian economy can count on taking home 60 percent of their income, with the other 40 percent going to taxes and dividends.

Better conditions are provided only in Saudi Arabia, where individuals get to keep 100 percent of their income, while organizations end up with about 80 percent….

Find out details in the Russia today video:

In Russia The Bear Better Stay in the Woods…

Russia has a lot of bears and by nature people are very tolerant of bears. But when a bear is removed from the Slovakian town of Martin on Wednesday night after causing some issues amongst the townspeople, then decides to comes back to play some more. The bear wore out its welcome and became terminated…

This is a real video and if you do not want to see a bear shot. Do not watch the video… (You have been warned and also no little doggy was hurt in the making of this video) 🙂

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