The Eastern Frontier of Russia: Kamchatka Peninsula

Volcanoes of Kamchatka are a large group of volcanoes situated on Kamchatka peninsula. About thirty of them are active. Lets watch a video about a couple of guys who explore an acid lake and find a river and water fall of the same acid under ground…

List of some of the volcanoes from north to south

  • Volcanoes of central range
    • Lettunup,
    • Voyampolsky,
    • Severny,
    • Snegovoy,
    • Ostry,
    • Spokoyny (volcano),
    • Iktunup,
    • Snezhny,
    • Atlasova or Nylgimelkin,
    • Bely,
    • Alngey,
    • Uka,
    • Yelovsky,
    • Shishel,
    • Mezhdusopochny,
    • Titila,
    • Gorny Institute,
    • Tuzovsky,
    • Leutongey,
    • Sedankinsky,
    • Fedotych,
    • Kebeney,
  • Kluchevskaya group
    • Klyuchevskaya Sopka
  • Avachinskaya group
    • Aag
    • Arik
    • Koryaksky
    • Avachinsky
    • Kozelsky
  • Ksudach
  • Ilyinsky (volcano)
  • Kambalny

That is such a cool video! Red area on the picture above is the location of said peninsula. That is also a bunch of volcanoes…

I really want Sveta and I to go see the Kamchatka peninsula…

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  1. Rubric

    Cannot see any video. Just white box. The only problem I always have is Yandex video & photos. Is it the Yandex video? I decided to let you know in case it is not just my problem.

  2. admin Post author

    That is not Yandex, this time it’s – new place what Kyle found to store our videos – very fast, English interface, no advertisement…

    I really don’t know what it could be with the videos what you can not see… version of Flash Player in your browser or some censoring issues :(.

    And that is an interesting challenge for me either!!! Try to check a version of your Flash Player first. We have version



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