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Russian Video: Stream of Life through the mind of a Muscovite.

What do you think when you are listening an old strange meditative music… music of Russian Sibirea, music called “Mother Taiga”.

Our friend made a short video of associations what came to his mind when he was listening to the music. He called the video “No limits (Huun Huur Tu – Mother Taiga)”.

Huun Huur Tu is a music group from Tuva, a Russian republic situated on the Mongolian border.

You can read more about Huun Huur Tu in Wikipedia.

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: How to celebrate the 8th of March in Russia!

The 8th of March – International Women Day.

It’s very important holiday in Russia. Please, remember to say “Happy the 8th of March” to all your female friends and colleagues from Russia.

Russia today said that the 8th of March in Russia is a perfect blend of Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. And that’s truth!

Russian Video from Russia.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Remember also “In Russia Odd Not Even Number of Flowers…”

Russian Video: Wide Maslenitsa – Feodor Chaliapin.

Fiodor Shalyapin: MaslenitsaToday is the last day of Maslenitsa in Russia. Traditionally it’s called “Wide Maslenitsa” or “Forgiveness Sunday” – the last day before Great Lent.

This day people ask to each other for forgiveness. And a proper answer is “God will forgive and I forgive.”

Today we will listen to the great Russian bass of Feodor Shalyapin (Федор Шаляпиy) who will sing about Maslenitsa.

Russian Video from Russia.

Russian Video: Art of Pealing Bells.

In the Russian Orthodox Church, bell towers are considered a second altar. Safroniya says that not everyone is given permission to come up a bell tower. This is a deeply spiritual experience.

In the sub-zero temperatures, the nuns begin ringing the 800 kg bell with evident care and pride. The wind rushes through the stone tower. The sound is breathtaking.

Russian Video from Russia

Russian Video: Maslenitsa from Nikita Mikhalkov

I am not a fan of Russian movie director Nikita Mikhalkov. I am not a fan of his movie “The Barber of Siberia”.

But this week we have Maslenitsa in Russia (some kind of carnival before Lent). And today I want to show you one episode about Maslenitsa from Mikhalkov’s movie “The Barber of Siberia”.

Don’t take it too serious – Nikita Mikhalkov’s movie was made for western public and shows all stereotypes what western world knows about Russia. And this part is just fun to watch.

Russian Video from Russia.