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Russian Video: Live With The Polar Bears…

A group of polar bears have attacked a small town in Russia’s Far East. Witnesses insist one person was eaten alive – and have pictures of her picked-over remains. Meanwhile, more attacks are reported to have taken place.

A horrifying video was uploaded to Youtube in the RU zone by the user x25rus showing polar bears attacking people in a small town in Russia’s Chukotka Autonomous Region. The bears appeared to be living in abandoned houses and were roaming the town in small groups of five. At the end of August, the animals were chased away from the town, but not before local people had endured a living hell at the hands of the unwelcome guests.

This video shows a young woman, apparently drunk and on the point of relieving herself near an abandoned house. Suddenly, a bear attacks. Passersby shouts to the girl to run away. Then they start throwing bottles at the bear in the hope of saving the girl’s life. It works – the bear runs off and leaves his victim alive, though badly injured.

According to Rosbalt, on August 19 a bear killed a man in the town, causing widespread fury. Local people hunted down and killed three bears found wandering the streets.

The bears first appeared in the locality in the middle of August and settled in an abandoned house which had once served as a pigsty. On September 19, a town-dweller, Stanislav Ettuvge, 32, was heading to work when he was suddenly attacked by a bear.

Townspeople shot dead and killed both the bear that had attacked Stanislav and the one that mauled the young woman, together with a bear cub. The remaining bears fled the town.


Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: Ecuador in Moscow…

Yarik-Ecuador is Ethnic Indian band.

Created in 2003 from street musicians.

Yarik translated from kitchua means remembrance. Thus the project itself is called “memory”, after an appeal to ethnic music in the transcription of prominent Peruvian and Ecuadorian street musicians who do not have a classical musical education, Sixto Aymara, Lenin, de la Torre, Alberto and Hector Loza is no accident. They amaze songs make us think about his true origins, so we have responded, genetic memory would indicate to us the right way to cleanse our minds from the alluvial stereotypical beliefs.

The first group received more popular in its native city and province, participated in many local festivals.

With the same ensemble of 2003 touring around the world and participates in festivals of folk music of Latin American countries such as Columbia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

The first trip to Europe in the summer of 2004 in Holland. Thereafter for five years, the group visited Germany, Poland, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The first visit to Russia took place in 2009. Most concerts held in St. Petersburg and Kaliningrad.

In 2010 it was decided to visit Moscow renewed composition. Start went well with an invitation to a concert in honor of Independence Day of the OCE, the performance was so successful that the administration immediately OCE entered into a contract with the group until the end of October, all weekends.

The group includes:
Yarik (Enrique Morales Malesil born) – the leading soloist of the group, panfleyta, samponya, Toya
Uayra (Hector Loza Castañeda) – lead singer, flute, samponya, Toya
Kuri (Umberto Malesil born Kanyamar) – lead singer, flute, samponya, panfleyta
Yurah (Vladislav Baslin) – director and producer.

The band Yarik


Videos filmed by Svetlana…

Russian Video From Russia!

Russian Video: This Is Russia

Tochka opory (advertisement) - This is Russia

This is a great video that really explains Russia as it really is. Russia is a land of complex contrasts that will never cease to amaze you if you give it half a chance. Watch “This Is Russia” You will laugh and then you will think…

It is a animation video for a Russian lighting company called Tochka Opory, showing what Russia really is for foreign businessmen…

This is Russia…

Russian Video From Russia