Russian Video: The Kuban Cossack Сhoir…

The modern Kuban Cossack Chorus sets the date of its creation as 14 October 1811, when its predecessor, the Black Sea Host Singing Chorus (Черноморский Войсковый певческий хор), was formed. The founders of this choir were Kirill Rossinsky and regent Grigory Grechinsky. Over the next hundred years in addition to singing the Russian Orthodox Liturgy in Slavonic, the choir regularly gave public concerts throughout the Krasnodar Krai. These concerts would include classical works as well as folk songs in addition to sacred works…

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This is a great video. This choir dates back many years and they have a huge show that they perform. This is just one song out of many. The choir ranges from children to men and women. Great music…

Russian Video From Russia!

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