Russian Video: They call it “The Crazy Song?”

According to the Youtube site this song is 27 years old! It was found in an envelope of old stuff…

Have no idea who it is but it is about Moscow, Russia and I like it. The owners of the found song said: “If the old envelope that I found the master tape in is right, then this song dates back to 1983 – that’s 27 years old! It didn’t have a title so I’ve called it this and even made up a a name for the band…”

Hope you enjoy it and it has lots of old pictures and it is a video made a long time ago…

Russian Video From Russia!

One thought on “Russian Video: They call it “The Crazy Song?”

  1. Karen Deutsch

    Hi, I’m trying to learn to read and speak the Russian language. I’d like to subscribe to your site (the videos I tried to open were labelled private?) so I can use it. I’d also like some advice on where I can find Russian film that are subtitled in RUSSIAN as well as English. My teacher said that the Russian subtitles would help me more than the English?


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