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Swine flu: the facts from Russia!


I think this video would be very interesting for everyone who wants to know as much as possible about the new disease Swine flu. Since we have some cases of Swine flu in Russia – Russian scientists try to make their researches and prognosis.

Today Yury Gendon, a virologist at the Mechnikov Research Institute in Moscow, will talk for Russia Today about Swine flu. We are going to watch:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Russian Volga and Lada are the Best Car!


We already told you about one citizen of Great Britain who loves Volga. Today we’ll watch another video shows us another people now from Israel who love Russian cars Volga and Lada:

By the way we have Volga 24, and we just adore her. Kyle wrote three articles about history, technical and beauty of Volga:

Russia: Volga Automobile, Part 1 History!

Russia: Volga Automobile, Part 2 Technical!

Russia: Volga Automobile, Part 3 Classic Beauty!

Russia: New GAZ Volga Siber!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Medical Discussions!


Today we will watch a very interesting movie from RussiaToday. Really, Medical Discussions are very popular in Russia and a lot of people listen to Medical Transmissions on the Radio. Cause of these a Patient in Russia is a thinking and experienced person, he knows sometimes more than doctors or at least thinks like that. Patients and doctors like to use folk medicine if it’s possible and your doctor never forget to remind you about diet and healthy style of life.

And today we introduce you a very interesting Medical Discussion. The theme is “Taking pills: cause or cure?

Short description of this video:
Today we discuss medicine and the health problems increasingly causing people to be dependent on drug treatment. But is it the only way to cure deseases? To discuss this vital question, we have invited to our studio two doctors, Sergey Bubnovsky, the creator of an alternative System of Neurology and Orthopaedics and prominent cardiologist Yury Buziashvili.

What doctors in your country would think about this video and how they would answer the question of this video: “Taking pills: cause or cure?”?

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Russian Video: Tu-95 (Bear is back!)


Today we’ll talk about Russian long-range bombers Tupolev Tu-95. Now these planes are patrolling the skies on a regular basis once again. And the backbone of the country’s strategic fleet remains the TU-95 “Bear”, an aircraft many consider to be a Cold War legend.

For our readers who wants to know more:

– TU-95 is too old
– So what? Still can’t be beaten
(conversation on YouTube)
The Tupolev Tu-95 (NATO reporting name Bear) is the most successful Tupolev strategic bomber and missile carrier from the times of the Soviet Union, still in service as of 2006 and expected to remain in service with the Russian Air Force until at least 2010. The Bear is powered by four Kuznetsov turboprop engines, each driving contra-rotating propellers, and remains one of the fastest propeller-driven aircraft ever built. To date it remains the only turboprop-powered bomber to have been deployed. A naval version is designated Tu-142.For a long time, the Tu-95 was known to Western intelligence as the Tu-20. While this was, in fact, the original Soviet Air Force designation for the aircraft, by the time it was being supplied to operational units, it was already better known under the Tu-95 designation used internally by Tupolev and the Tu-20 designation fell out of use. Since the Tu-20 designation was used on many documents acquired by Western intelligence agents, the name continued in use there.

Like its American counterpart, the B-52 Stratofortress, the Tu-95 has continued to operate in the Russian Air Force while several iterations of bomber design have come and gone. Part of the reason for this longevity was its suitability, like the B-52, for modification to different missions. Whereas the Tu-95 was originally intended to drop nuclear weapons, it was subsequently modified to perform a wide range of roles, such as the deployment of cruise missiles, maritime patrol (Tu-142 Bear-F), AWACS platform (Tu-126) and even civilian airliner (Tu-114). During and after the Cold War, the Tu-95’s utility as a weapons platform has only been eclipsed by its usefulness as a diplomatic icon. When a patrolling Tu-95 appears off the coast of the United States or one of its allies, it may not be the technological menace that it was in its heyday, but it is still a potent and visible symbol of the Russian capability to project military power over great distances.

The Soviet Union did not assign official “popular names” to its aircraft, although unofficial nicknames were common. Unusually, Soviet pilots found the Tu-95/Tu-142’s NATO reporting name, ‘Bear,’ to be a fitting nickname, given the aircraft’s large size, ‘lumbering’ maneuverability and speed, and large arsenal. It is often called Bear in Russian service. An anecdotal story states that it was actually a Russian crew who had the privilege of assigning the NATO reporting name; during the aircraft’s Paris Airshow debut, a Western reporter asked the crew what the plane’s name was. The pilot responded, “it can’t be anything but a bear.”

(From YouTube)

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Waltz of the Swifts!

Swifts (Стрижи) is a name of Russian Aerobatic Team. So today we are watching a flying video again! Just enjoy this beautiful video!

For people who wants to know more:

The Swifts fly Mig-29.
Here is the official site of The Swifts.
It’s in Russian but they have a link to English version.

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Russian Video: Waltz In The Sky! (SU-30 MKI)


Today we continue our aerobatic series and watch a very beautiful aerobatic video: Waltz in the Sky! We just love this video! Hope you enjoy it too. Technical information about SU-30 MKI you can find here.

Pilot: Viacheslav Averianov
(Вячеслав Юрьевич Аверьянов)
Video from “World Stars of Aviasalons in MAKS2007” produced by Wings of Russia Studio.

If you like this video maybe you would like to see another aerobatic video and video of Aircraft Parade on Red Square in Moscow 9th of May 2005 what we already published.

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Victory day parade 2005 Moscow, Su-27 & Mig-29


Our friend Ludmila just told that the aerial part of the parade was one of the most interesting parts of the military parade. And we agree! So we found an unique video about Aircraft Parade on Red Square in Moscow 9th of May 2005. During the aerial part of the parade fighter jets flew over the area of Red Square. Acrobatic group consisted of five aircraft Su-27 called “Russian Knights” and four aircraft MiG-29 called “Strizhy”. The aircrafts left the the footprint of the three colors from Russian flag. And we will see this parade inside! That’s interesting!

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WWII: Polikarpov PO-2, U-2


In our previous post we mentioned a plane U-2 or PO-2. Now we found a very neat video about this airplane. This video is in Russian and I’ll try to retell you some facts from it. First of all U-2 (Uchebnyy – 2) means Training plane -2, later it was renamed later as PO-2 (from name of it’s constructor Polikarpov). First this plane was built in January, 1928. A lot of planes what was built in that years became history soon but not Po-2. It was very easy to manage and it was very easy to do any pilot figure on it. It was an excellent training plane and it forgave even bad errors to pupils! This plane was used as transport to put repellent at field as post aircraft and passenger plane also. When WWII started they modified it a little bit and it became an excellent bomber. Bomber what was invisible for radars, very good in maneuvers and very quiet – because pilots turned off engines when they were near goals. Fascists hated him because it was very difficult to get it!

The U-2 was known as the plane used by the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, composed of all-women pilots and ground crew. The unit became notorious for its daring low-altitude night raids on German rear-area positions, with veteran pilots Katya Ryabova and Nadya Popova on one occasion flying 18 such missions in a single night. The women pilots observed that the enemy suffered a further degree of demoralization simply due to their antagonists being female. As such, the pilots earned the nickname “Night Witches” (German Nachthexen, Russian Ночные Ведьмы/Nočnye Ved’my).

Now with all this information you can enjoy this video!

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