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Russian Video: New Year Tradition Movie (Ирония судьбы или С легким паром!)


Every Year at the New Year Eve all Russia is watching TV: And there is always a channel what transmits a New Year comedy, directed by outstanding Russian movie-director Eldar Ryazanov: The Irony Of Fate, Or Enjoy Your Bath (Ирония судьбы или С легким паром!). We are watching this romantic comedy every New Year Eve – that is Russian National Tradition and we never get tired of it! Yes we can watch some another movie at New Year Eve but The Irony Of Fate, Or Enjoy Your Bath must be in New Year menu. So this New Year Eve Kyle and me are going to watch this romantic comedy together because now it has English subtitles. Join us to understand better what Russians are about ;). The movie was produced for TV in 1975… So first time I watched it when I was in primary school. Time just flies!

Have a good cup of coffee or tea. The second part will start in a little bit! 🙂


Director Eldar Ryazanov
Writers: Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov

* Andrey Myagkov as Zhenya
* Barbara Brylska as Nadya
* Yuri Yakovlev as Ippolit
* Aleksandr Shirvindt as Pavel, Zhenya’s friend
* Georgy Burkov as Misha, Zhenya’s friend
* Liya Akhedzhakova as Tanya, Nadya’s friend
* Aleksandr Belyavsky as Sasha, Zhenya’s friend
* Lyubov Dobrzhanskaya as Zhenya’s mother
* Olga Naumenko as Galya
* Gotlib Roninson as Zhenya’s neighbour at the airport
* Eldar Ryazanov as Zhenya’s neighbour in the plane
* Lyubov Sokolova as Nadya’s mother
* Valentina Talyzina as Valya, Nadya’s friend; Nadya’s voice

© MOSFILM, 1975.

We Wish You Happy New Year!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

PS Finally in 30 years they decided to make continue of this super-popular New Year Eve Movie… Well we’ll watch it next weekend (I never watched it before either). Watch it here: Russian Video: Irony of Fate -2

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