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Russian Video: No Holidays for Inochkin (Movie)!


Today we will talk about and watch an old Russian movie (with English subtitles) “Добро пожаловать или Посторонним вход воспрещен” (known also as “Welcome, or No Trespassing”). This comedy movie was made as diploma work by outstanding Russian movie director Elem Klimov in 1964.

We will live a life of young pioneers with main movie characters for the next 74 minutes. Some people call this movie satiric – but for me that is just a comedy and this comedy is not very far from real life. This situation is known by me (been 13 years old I was expelled from camp… for really nothing).

Kostya Inochkin a very good swimmer broke one of important rules in the camp and swam by himself to an island for what was expelled from the camp. But he did not go home because he did not want to upset his Granny (he even thought that Granny could die from such upset). So he stayed in the camp but illegally… That will be a big adventure. And I recommend you to watch it!

What else could I tell… kids play very naturally in the movie. Elem Klimov is well known like movie director who can work with kids.

May be that will be interesting for you that in reality Elem Klimov has never been in young pioneer camp.

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