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Video: Merry Christmas (from Russia)!

Hello, in such beautiful Christmas Eve I want to show you very beautiful video “Merry Christmas” made by modern Russian band “Imprintband”.

We will watch a very beautiful clip and the song has very beautiful words about Christmas and our Savior who was born in this day. That is not Russian Orthodox Church video. These guys have their own church.

Imprintband sing their own songs in the New Slavic Church. Right now they have their tour with their song around USA.

Merry Christmas!!!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian video: Vladimir Putin can sing!

“Like the majority of people I cannot – but do like to sing and to play – so you’ll have to rough it,” he warned as he sat at the piano and played the beginning of Blueberry Hill. The tune was immediately caught by Maceo Parker’s jazz band. The prime minister then took the mic and sang it in English himself.

Putin sings!The charity fundraiser reception was dedicated to fighting children’s cancer and took place yesterday at ice stadium in St. Petersburg.

Russian Video from Russia
Kyle and Svet

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Video: Vitas – Songs of My Mom!

Vitas is an unique Russian singer. If you’ve heard his songs you already love them. If you never heard Vitas’ magical voice today you have a great opportunity to watch and listen a full video from his concert “Songs of my Mom” (with English subtitles!)

Here is a list of the songs:

01 VITAS – Ave Maria
02 VITAS – Even the Stars Will Look Like Letters
03 VITAS – Someone’s Melancholy is Crying
04 VITAS – Smile!
05 VITAS – Streets of the Capital
06 VITAS – Opera # 1
07 VITAS – Soul
08 VITAS – The Star
09 VITAS – An Autumn Leaf
11 VITAS – We cannot be together
12 VITAS – Starry River
13 VITAS – Declaration of love / My God, How Much I Love

For our readers who wants to know more:

Vitas’ official site
Vitas official channel on YouTube

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: They sing songs in English in Moscow trains!

A few days ago I was stunned by watching a man who sang a song in English in a local Moscow train. Here you can see a little part of his performance.

Don’t let the video to fool you – not many people in the train could understand the words of the song – might be only Kyle and me but people gave him some money for his performance ;).

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: All About Matreshka!

The First Russian MatreshkaWhen someone is going to visit Russia all their friends ask them to bring Russian doll Matreshka as a gift. We send Matreshkas to some of our friends abroad also because we think that Matreshkas are very neat. Just watch this beautiful musical video about Matreshkas and I am sure you will admit they are cute!

And maybe now you would like to watch a little documentary about matreshka to find out how they make matreshka-dolls and from where matreshkas came to Russia… In Russia we have matreska-doll for only last 100 years!

I did not know all the facts so I hope this video will be interesting for you too:

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Video: In memory of the Russian submarine Kursk crew.

Nobody knows exact reason what happened with Russian nuclear submarine Kursk at 12th April, 2000. But we know what did not happen then – the tragedy did not turn Barents sea to the next Chernobyl and that did not happen cause of bravery of Kursk submarine crew.

Thank you. We all will remember you!

Some versions about why Russian nuclear submarine Kursk sank you can find in good documentary “The Sinking Of The Kursk“.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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