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The Eastern Frontier of Russia: Kamchatka Peninsula

Volcanoes of Kamchatka are a large group of volcanoes situated on Kamchatka peninsula. About thirty of them are active. Lets watch a video about a couple of guys who explore an acid lake and find a river and water fall of the same acid under ground…

List of some of the volcanoes from north to south

  • Volcanoes of central range
    • Lettunup,
    • Voyampolsky,
    • Severny,
    • Snegovoy,
    • Ostry,
    • Spokoyny (volcano),
    • Iktunup,
    • Snezhny,
    • Atlasova or Nylgimelkin,
    • Bely,
    • Alngey,
    • Uka,
    • Yelovsky,
    • Shishel,
    • Mezhdusopochny,
    • Titila,
    • Gorny Institute,
    • Tuzovsky,
    • Leutongey,
    • Sedankinsky,
    • Fedotych,
    • Kebeney,
  • Kluchevskaya group
    • Klyuchevskaya Sopka
  • Avachinskaya group
    • Aag
    • Arik
    • Koryaksky
    • Avachinsky
    • Kozelsky
  • Ksudach
  • Ilyinsky (volcano)
  • Kambalny

That is such a cool video! Red area on the picture above is the location of said peninsula. That is also a bunch of volcanoes…

I really want Sveta and I to go see the Kamchatka peninsula…

Russian Videos From Russia!

In Russia The Bear Better Stay in the Woods…

Russia has a lot of bears and by nature people are very tolerant of bears. But when a bear is removed from the Slovakian town of Martin on Wednesday night after causing some issues amongst the townspeople, then decides to comes back to play some more. The bear wore out its welcome and became terminated…

This is a real video and if you do not want to see a bear shot. Do not watch the video… (You have been warned and also no little doggy was hurt in the making of this video) 🙂

Russian Videos From Russia!
Sveta and Kyle

Russia Video: Moose Dairy Farm!

Every day hundreds of tourist visit Kostroma Moose Dairy Farm. The moose dairy farm is the only in Russia.

That is not easily to milk female moose. First dairymaids have to become the best friends with moose almost like mother only in such conditions moose can allow you to milk her.

This milk is a healing stuff and used only for patients by local sanatorium.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: Elk in Losiny Ostrov!

Elk in Elk Island National ParkHello,

Now we live outskirt of Moscow (in Korolev town) that is near Losiny Ostrov National Park (Elk Island)). Today I want to show what an unusual beautiful video we found for you: Elk in Elk Island National Park.

That’s just unbelievable how close you can see an elk on Elk Island! (Push HQ button to watch video in better quality)

The author of next videos tells that the video is result of his every weekend video-hunting for years. Some of his walks were about 14 hours. He also told that no music is needed for the video as the wood itself provides the perfect sound . The noise present is due to the footage taken inside city borders close to roads.

And one more video of Elk in Elk Island now in real HD quality. And you can see all details of him. That’s so beautiful and interesting!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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Russian Video: "Fall with Taste of Rowan"!

It’s almost winter in Russia… and we still want to enjoy beauties of the Gold fall (how we call it in Russia). “Fall with taste of rowan is the name of video what we are watching today.

The picture by Russian contemporary artist Пятакова Наталья Валентиновна.

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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