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Russian Video: This Is Russia

Tochka opory (advertisement) - This is Russia

This is a great video that really explains Russia as it really is. Russia is a land of complex contrasts that will never cease to amaze you if you give it half a chance. Watch “This Is Russia” You will laugh and then you will think…

It is a animation video for a Russian lighting company called Tochka Opory, showing what Russia really is for foreign businessmen…

This is Russia…

Russian Video From Russia

World Class Children’s Orchestra From a Little Russian Village…

In Bavleny, Russia – a small village in the Vladimir region there is a children band that is of international fame. It started 30 years ago and has now become a family affair all over the small village. They have numerous trophies from all over the world and they are rightfully proud of what they have accomplished.

Give a big hand to the Bavleny Orchestra…

Russian Videos from Russia!
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20 Years Ago Russia Learned a New Word! (Big Mac)


We did an article on McDonald’s on Windows to Russia.(Link) It was lacking a good video to show McDonald’s in all her glory in Russia!

Well we found that video and it really is very interesting. So 20 years ago, McDonald’s was a world that had never been seen or experienced in Russia and to many it was the “Cat’s Meow” so to say!
That has all changed now and as we travel Russia we find McDonald’s in the most interesting places. One time we had traveled by train out of Moscow about two hours and all of a sudden we stopped at a little town that had a McDonald’s with in site of the train station. How is that for cool?
McDonald’s is Russia’s Now… Just ask any Russian!

Russian Video from Russia
Svet and Kyle

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