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White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie with English subtitles)!

White Bim the Black Ear (Russian Movie)This weekend we are watching a touching Russian movie made in 1977 and directed by Stanislav Rostotsky: White Bim the Black Ear.

White Bim the Black Ear is a story of a white setter with black ear who one day became homeless because of hospitalization of his Daddy. During his homeless life Bim met a lot of different people some of them were kind to him and some of them were not…

Monument of White Bim the Black EarThere is a monument of White Bim the Black Ear in Russian city Voronezh.

And you can read inscription on his collar: “His name is Bim. He waits for his master. He knows his home well. Do not hurt him, people …”

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