Russia: Aerobatics!(Su-27 "Flanker" )

Here we will watch acrobatics on Russian jet fighter planes: Sukhoi SU27 and SU33.

Su-27 “Flanker”:The Su-27 is a big long-range air superiority fighter, comparable to the U.S. F-15 but superior in many respects. It is a twin-engined aircraft with a blended wing and fuselage, and twin tail fins. At airshows the Su-27 demonstrated an exceptional controllability at high angles of attack. A shipboard version of the Su-27, also known as the Su-33, with canards and folding wings, has been tested on Russia’s first big carriers, and there also is a two-seat attack version, the Su-27IB or Su-34, with side-by-side seating in a reshaped nose.
People often ask about the beautiful music in this clip. That is music by DJ Quicksilver – Ameno. If you really like this music I’ll put here a link on mp3 of this composition soon.

Download this music

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