Russian Romance: I met You!

today we are listening to an old Russian Romance – I met You! Two instruments guitar and balalaika break your heart with beautiful music… What else I can say? Let’s just watch it!

For people who wants to know a little more:
D. Kalinin played the balalaika and A. Berezhnov played the guitar. Slavonic foundation, Moscow

Do you want to know what is the Romance about?
We found the translation for you:

“I met you” – lyrics by Fedor Tyutchev
translation by F.Jude

I met you and the past
came back to life in my dead heart.
Remembering a golden time,
my heart became so warm.

Just as in late autumn
there are days, the transient hour,
when suddenly spring wafts again
and something stirs within us,

so, winnowed within by the breath
of fullness my soul knew in those years,
with a rapture I thought I’d forgotten,
I stare into your dear face.

As if we’d been apart for ages
I stare at you and think I’m dreaming,
and suddenly sounds unsilenced in me
could be heard within me, but louder!

That was more than reminiscence:
my life began to talk once more,
as did in you that very same charm,
as did in my soul that very same love!

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2 thoughts on “Russian Romance: I met You!

  1. Gudrun Taylor

    What a wonderful and deeply felt song, especially sung by the great basso profundo Boris Shtokolov.
    Thank you so much for the translation.
    Russian music is very moving.


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