Russia: In Memory WWII – Nebesnyy Tihohod!

Hello, today we continue watching WWII soviet movies. Movie what we want to introduce you today was made in 1945. It’s name is “Небесный Тихоход” or maybe how we could translate it “Law-speed skymover”. We found a very good comment about this movie.
Cutest war movie ever.
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. The plot centers around a fighter pilot who is shot down by the Nazis and after recovery, due to not being allowed to fly at the speeds of a fighter plane, he is put in charge of a squadron made up of women all flying the U-2 (Po-2), the slowest and leas prestigious of all the planes. After bemoaning the loss of his fighter plane, he starts seeing the value in the old, slow, training bi-plane. Along with that, he meets and falls in love with a young journalist who comes over to interview him. This is a big no-no as he and his friends had a pact to not fall in love till the end of the war. Slowly, the pact is broken, first by one of the friends then by him and in the end everyone has a significant other.

Beyond the sugary sweetness of the plot, this is a good movie. It’s happy and bright and has wonderful songs. The acting is fantastic and the script very funny and at times very touching. If you like romantic comedies, watch this one, you won’t be disappointed.

If you have the time, check out the Po-2 bi-plane as it is one of the greatest planes ever built and is seriously undervalued. Oh, and the all female squadrons did in fact exist and they did fly the Po-2 (then known as the U-2) and they were feared as stealthy night bombers by the Nazis. Do check it out.
Here we see all three friends: they decided don’t fall in love because there is the first thing in their life is aircrafts and girls could be just after ;).

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