Spring mood in Moscow!

Today I just want to share with you our Russian Spring Mood! So enjoy this very light music and sunny duck video!

We shot this video at one of Moscow ponds. Really, these ducks are very unusual here. They appear in spring for last few years and they are just two. My Mom counted 5 different types of ducks in this pond. Here you can see one more picture what was taken at this pond.
If you want to know more about this video I’ll tell you that we use German Song from Children’s Album by Peter Tchaikovsky.
We want to know more too: If you know a breed of these ducks, you know where they spend winter. Please tell us :).

PS We have a good news: we found a person who knows all about ducks living in Moscow Area. So now we know these ducks are Ruddy Shelduck:

The Ruddy Shelduck, Tadorna ferruginea, is a member of the duck, goose and swan family Anatidae. It is in the shelduck subfamily Tadorninae. In India it is known as the Brahminy Duck.

There are very small resident populations of this species in north west Africa and Ethiopia, but the main breeding area of this species is from south east Europe across central Asia to southeast China. These birds are mostly migratory, wintering in southern Asia.

Although becoming quite rare in southeast Europe and southern Spain, the Ruddy Shelduck is still common across much of its Asian range. It may be this population which gives rise to vagrants as far west as Iceland and Great Britain. However, since the European population is declining, it is likely that most occurrences in western Europe in recent decades are escapes or feral birds. Although this bird is observed in the wild from time to time in eastern North America, no evidence of a genuine vagrant has been found…
Read more about this beautiful ducks in Wikipedia.

They flew to our pond from the Moscow Zoo and they spend winter in the Moscow Zoo. Ornithologists tell that these ducks feel very good in Moscow Area make nests in dormer windows and have duckling.

If you want to know more about ducks in Moscow region ask us, now we feel that we know a lot about all them! 😉

comments always welcome.

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