Russia remembers Great Patriotic War!


Today is a Day of Memory and Grief in Russia. Today we remember the Great Patriotic War (WWII) victims. And today we’ll watch a cartoon. The cartoon about Pioneers (Soviet scouts) in one town who did not conquer Nazi invaders. The name of this cartoon is “Adventure of Red Ties”, I choose this cartoon because that is adventure and has happy end — that’s very important for me we have very much very strong movies about WWII what you can not watch without tear on your eyes – they are honest movies and happy end is very seldom there (war is war – that is not a joyful walk in the middle of summer). This cartoon was made in 1971, was made for kids – and I was stunned when I watched it – director made so true movie by such simple tools… So now I offer all our readers to watch the cartoon – no tears – I promise. And I want to tell one more thing: These English subtitles to this cartoon is our contribution to The Day of Memory and Grief.


Part 2

For people who wants to see more we recommend an article and a cartoon what published our friend SeeSaw here.

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Svet and Kyle

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