Soviet cartoon: There Once Was A Dog (Жил-был пес)


Today we watch a very good cartoon by a great Soviet art-director Eduard Nazarov. We already watched some of his cartoons about Vinni Puh (or how sometimes they spell it Vinni Pukh).That is a Russian version of Winnie the Pooh. Here you can read some our articles about our favorite Russian series about Vinni Puh.

Today we watch one more of his masterpieces. It based on a Ukrainian folk tale: “There Once Was A Dog” (Жил-был пес). This cartoon has English subtitles. You and your kids will get a lot of fun! We did! 😉

For people who wants to know more.

This great animation movie got these awards:

– First Prize (Odense Denmark 1983)
– First Prize (Tours France 1983)
– Special Jury Prize (Annecy France 1983)

They put a sculpture of the Wolf by Leonty Usov in Russian city Tomsk in 2005. This sculpture can talk some famous phrases from the cartoon (like “Щас спою!/I wanna sign!”) if you rub his belley. The name of this sculpture is “Monument of happiness”.

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