Beautiful Russia: Kenozerye National Park!


Today we are watching a very beautiful and interesting video from Russian National Park “Kenozerye”. If you are interested to watch everyday Russian life, if you like documentary movies about nature – this video worth to watch! We watched whole this long movie 26 minutes with great interest!

Short information about Kenozerye:

A secluded corner of the ancient Russian North and all its traditions has been preserved deep in the taiga forests of Arkhangelsk Province – far from the destructive forces of wars, revolutions, cities, and roads. Here, forested hills line the sinuous shore of the enormous Lake Kenozero, broken only by the occasional pastoral village lolling along its shore. To the south, the oval of Lake Lekshmozero interrupts dense stands of spruce, pine, and deciduous trees growing on knolls throughout in the park. Rounded silhouettes of sacred groves with stands of ancient trees dot the shores of the two lakes. Quaint wooden chapels with dome-shaped ceilings painted with images of saints keep vigil on hillsides and in valleys, having been restored to their original beauty. Today, all these treasures are protected in Kenozersky National Park, making the reserve a haven for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike – offering boating, hiking, cultural and historical attractions, and comfortable accommodations.

There are 322 species of terrestrial vertebrates in Kenozersky National Park, including 50 kinds of mammals and 263 birds. Fourteen species of predators inhabit the park….

Want to know more read here.

And we found this link for people who wants to visit this unique and beautiful place :).

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